Lesser Known Facts about Mezuzah Scroll and Case You Should Know

Undoubtedly, God is everywhere and we feel his presence when you work on the path of god and meditate continuously. Imagine when you enter your home; you feel the incredible sense of connection with God. The inspiring kosher mezuzah scroll contains the beauty, depth that brings holiness to your place. This sacred addition is a life changing part for you and your family. Here are some amazing things you should know about Mezuzah Scroll:

Fact 1: The Word Mezuzah means “Doorpost”

Yes! In Biblical Hebrew the word mezuzah literally means doorpost. As per holy biblical commandments from bible, the mezuzah is affixed to the doorposts of the Jewish homes and is used as a symbol of protection and as a reminder for the inhabitants of their connection to God and Judaism.

Fact 2: The Mezuzah Scroll is a hand-written Parchment

A mezuzah scroll must be written on the parchment of the kosher which has been prepared for use as a sacred object. The words must be written by an expert scribe well-versed in the knowledge of script and the laws. Also the ink and quill are custom made to meet the required needs.

Fact 3: It contains the Shema Prayer

The parchment scroll includes the first two chapters of the Shema prayer. Both of these sections contain the holy instructions to hang the mezuzah: "You shall write (these words) upon the doorposts of your house and upon gates.”

Fact 4: It is kept in a Mezuzah case made of any material

The kosher mezuzah scroll is kept inside a mezuzah case to protect the parchment from outside elements. This case can be made out of any material including metal, wood, ceramic or plastic. Styles and designs for mezuzah cases are many and now you can find everything ranging from simple wooden cases to decorative cases made of authentic crystal gemstones, featuring popular Jewish themes.

Fact 5: The cost of the mezuzah 

The kosher mezuzah scroll and case is an important asset for Jews and hanging this on doorposts is an imperative Jewish ritual. The mezuzah scrolls can cost upwards $40. The difference in cost depends on the size, type of script and the quality. Since even a small error can make the mezuzah unfit, it is highly crucial to buy it from an accredited scribe or retailer. 

Fact 6: The Mezuzah is placed on the Right Side

The mezuzah is placed to the right-hand side of the doorpost as one enters the room. For the front main gate, the right side is the right of you as you enter. Inside the home, however, the right side is determined by the way the door opens. If you are unsure of direction of placing kosher mezuzah scroll, it is recommended to have a rabbi at your home to determine the perfect location of hanging the mezuzah.

Hanging a mezuzah scroll on your home has a great significance. It serves as a declaration of faith and a reminder of God’s watchful care. You can consult an accredited online store to have new kosher mezuzah scroll and cases for your home and for gifting your loved ones on special occasions.