Must-known Facts about Hanging a Kosher Mezuzah Scroll

Must-known Facts about Hanging a Kosher Mezuzah Scroll

Imagine that every time you enter through a doorway, you feel the incredible sense of a connection with God. 

What if it can happen for real?

This post is to open our eyes to receiving beauty and depth contained inside the inspiring Kosher Mezuzah scroll. It is considered to be a mitzvah in the Jewish religion. Here’s everything you should know about the Kosher Mezuzah scroll for sale online, before you place your order. This one sacred addition can be a life-changing decision for you!

The universally-known Kosher Mezuzah is of immense importance to Jewish families, even in today’s modern times. If you have read the Shema prayer, it has been mentioned in its recital which explains the essence of the Kosher Mezuzah scroll for a Jew.

 The motivation behind hanging a Kosher Mezuzah scroll

The parchment scroll includes the first two chapters of the Shema prayer. The Kosher Mezuzah scroll is attached to the doorpost at the entrance. One is supposed to adhere to it diligently as it is believed to be linked to longer life years, not only for the homeowner, but also for his whole family. It is taken to be a sign of oneness. Some believe that hanging aKosher Mezuzah scroll at the entrance is a symbol of refraining from committing any sin in life.  

The mitzvah of the Kosher Mezuzah scroll

Before you place an order online for a Kosher Mezuzah scroll for sale, let’s learn more about the spiritual importance of mezuzah. When leaving the home, it is essential to touch the mezuzah hanging at the door. It is a belief that touching it resonates with asking God to take care of your home in your absence.Some families keep the third finger inscribed with the words ‘Shin DaledYud’on its outer side and later kiss their finger. When it is hung in a case, touching is not required, even when it isn’t a Kosher Mezuzah scroll.

Things to take care of before hanging a holy mezuzah

  • Every type of building can have a mezuzah hung outside on the doorpost, except a bathhouse.
  • The house must have four walls in order to hang a mezuzah.
  • If the population in a society or locality is only Jews, gates around the area must have a mezuzah hung at its entrance.
  • Places such as chicken coops and barns can have a mezuzah.
  • Shuls used for conducting prayer need not have mezuzah, unless someone lives inside the shul. The room leading to the dweller can hang a mezuzah.

Believers say that heaven abodes are guarding the mezuzah’s protected houses. The protector is deemed as a king who sits outside watching the doorway.  Hanging a Kosher Mezuzah scroll is a direct command from Hashem, but the king’s protection is a powerful belief that people hold on to as a motivational factor.