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Blue and White Mezuzah Case-Gold- Sodalite

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The handmade sodalite stone Mezuzah case is perfect for the home. It is beautifully hand carved from one piece of sodalite stone and etched in resin with a Shin (ש) and Star of David. It has a beautiful blue and white. The sodalite is 100% pure stone so the color may vary slightly.

This Mezuzah case is perfect as a wedding gift, for a new home, perfect for new born baby room, or any Bat Mitzvah.

The Mezuzah can be attached with nails (which are included), or by mounting tape.

Size of Mezuzah case:

5" Long (13 cm )
1” Wide (2.5 cm)
0.75 " Thick (2 cm )

The Mezuzah case holds a 2.8 inch (7cm) scroll. The scroll is not included but can be purchased as an additional option.

Optional: Kosher mezuzah parchment scroll from Israel- 2.8 inches (7cm).

The Kosher scroll is handwritten on Klaf Shelil parchment by a qualified scribe from Israel and come with a 100% Kosher certificate.

The scroll is rolled in a special plastic pouch and will fit into the mezuzah case so the word "Shaddai" ( שדי) will appear up and to the front.
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Customer Reviews

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Adimu Mendel

I received my 7 Mezuzah’s but only one blessing but quickly the company contacted me to send me the remaining 6.

Karen Spring

Love it!