Types of Mezuzah Case & Its Symbolizations: The Perfect Gift Option

Types of Mezuzah Case & Its Symbolizations: The Perfect Gift Option

Now is the time to mark the ending of another year, another journey and bad times with a wave of goodbye!

The marking on the doorpost with a silver or ceramic mezuzah case is the perfect way to mark the beginning of something new.  Since Jews have to distinguish their houses with a subtle yet bold marking of holiness, there comes the importance of the emphatic addition of a mezuzah case.  It contains the holy inscriptions that are applicable to the reader, the owner of the house and their family.

Reasons why different types of mezuzah scrolls and mezuzah covers exist

A very common query; how can the holy mezuzah parchment scrolls be priced as high as $200, especially if they all are kosher?  Here’s the answer..

One noteworthy fact here is that the even the most expensive parchment scroll should:

  • Conform to the requirements of Halacha law.
  • Be perfectly kosher.
  • Be written in high quality script.

You must be wondering, if they are rolled up and covered in the wooden, stone or silver mezuzah case, how does the script quality matter?

Especially when you rarely read it!

The secret lies in its Mitzvah.  The blessings are to be endeavoured in the best way possible.  Similar to the tradition of giving fresh fruit as an offering in the Temple in a beautifully covered basket, the tradition is to hang a covered, high quality mezuzah scroll at the doorpost of the house.  It is believed to beautify its holy Mitzvah.

The focus should be to have a basic kosher mezuzah rather than an expensive one.  The whole idea is to fulfil the beautifying Mitzvahs with the superior quality of the mezuzah.

The three main purposes of a mezuzah case

Keep these three main purposes in mind when getting mezuzah cases:

  • Halachic law - the Jewish law

  • Practical

  • Aesthetic

Halacha law states that the holy mezuzah scroll must be covered with a case that can be either opaque or translucent.  One can keep the mezuzah scroll wrapped in wax paper or covered with sheets.  Avoid using a plastic wrap for covering the Mezuzah inscriptions as it may damage its appearance.  Once covered, keep the scroll in a ceramic or silver mezuzah case, according to your choice.

The mezuzah case should be large enough to accommodate the holy mezuzah without rolling it or creasing it tightly.