The Mezuzah and Mezuzah Cases: Everything You Need to Know

The Mezuzah and Mezuzah Cases: Everything You Need to Know

 The religious faith in Judaism comes with certain set of beliefs and practices. If one aspires to be one of the Jews communities, he either should have been born into a Jewish family, or can get converted in this faith.

The tradition of hanging Mezuzahs on the doorpost is practiced all over the world. These holy mezuzah are packed in iconic little boxes, especially the stone mezuzah cases. When you get to see the mezuzah hanging outside a home, you instantly can figure out that this is a Jewish family home. These famous ornament and icons mark the existence of holy figure in the house and outside it, acting as a protection medium for it.

Why should you buy the holy Mezuzah?

When you buy the holy parchment scroll on the name of Mezuzah blessing, you bring all the written blessings with it. It is well covered in a decorative cover and attached on the doorpost. The parchment scroll is made up of kosher animal’s skin- from a goat or a lamb.

It includes the inscriptions of specially selected verses taken from the Bible – three paragraphs of Shema prayer. These are written perfectly with the help of a plant-based ink. While making its purity ensured, it is services by an authorized and professional scribe only.

Importance of protection with stone mezuzah cases

While maintaining its quality, the holy mezuzah scroll is kept safely in stone mezuzah covers. The cases are often used as a decorative element or ornament.

The whole concept of mitzvah bestowed by Mezuzah is to fulfil commands of the God.

Facts and Fiction about Holy Mezuzah

Should you hang Mezuzah at a certain angle?

This one fiction has now turned into an accepted fact all over the world with time. The Rabbis in earlier centuries used to have specific laws preaching all about hanging the mezuzah. It is still debatable whether it should be affixed in a vertical position or horizontal side. Then came the middle compromise of giving it a slant direction for attaching the holy mezuzah.

Signs of Protection and good luck charm: The holy Mezuzah

If you have ever heard of mezuzah being a good luck sign, you have heard it right! The extreme notions that you may hear are that these holy scroll parchments have amulet features. Its mere presence outside someone’s home can give assurance that the residents are guided from the 'Evil One'.

While all the perceptions hold true, there are yet some facts to confirm about mezuzah and its protection power. People believe in having enough anecdotal evidence to come up with linking salvation on such matters and they are yet to be shared.

Buying Guide for Mezuzah and Mezuzah cases

Now is the time to buy Judaism’s highly loved motifs. These can be the perfect gift for housewarming or even Jewish weddings. You can select from a huge styles of stone mezuzah cases available at Stone Mezuzah official website.