Significance of a Mezuzah on the Door and Related Beliefs

Significance of a Mezuzah on the Door and Related Beliefs

Living in the 21st century with modern theories, how can we expect our next generation to cope with the religious and spiritual beliefs that we put our hearts in? This is as difficult for them as it is for the present generation. Jewish cultures have always been unique and exciting, holding the power and love for God.

Noting the ongoing habits and reluctance towards making time for God, Jewish people came to a solution by hanging a mezuzah on door. Imagine entering your house every time and looking at the mezuzah stone; reading and understanding it would be the only option left for you. Because there is no alternative available, you might get used to its surrender.

Biblical and spiritual beliefs of a stone mezuzah

  • Without the mezuzah on doorposts and in front of you, it is believed that the power and love for God might fade away with time. The ability to let go of God's love might become more potent and be used against God's teachings. 
  • Did you know, in ancient times, Israel was the only exception where believing in God was permitted? Others were restrained from spiritual and religious feelings.  A mezuzah gives the Jewish people their identity and privilege to believe and love God. 
  • The mezuzah with scroll is always available around you; it is known to be one mode that helps you experience the awareness of God’s presence. God is omnipresent yet a means to feel the power is important. A mezuzah becomes the catalyst between the Jewish people and God. 

The substance of a mezuzah for the door

A mezuzah is usually seen on the main doors with a tilt in it, whereas Jewish people believed that every door in the house must have a mezuzah hanging. Since the door seems to represent a domain of activity, the mezuzah is supposed to be on each door of the house. Behind the mezuzah, the name of God is inscribed as well, just to give the whole of the house to the God, including members living in it. Since the ownership is given to God, it makes everyone in the house liable for what God teaches and wants. The house and its members become the followers and do everything for the protection of God.

The Jewish people believe that from the most common to the most essential parts of your life should be under the consideration of God’s work because it does not end at only spiritual stuff.