Purpose of the Kosher Mezuzah Scroll: To Take Care of Everyone

Purpose of the Kosher Mezuzah Scroll: To Take Care of Everyone

 The goal is to ensure that every Jewish home's front door should have a kosher mezuzah scroll.  The mezuzah for placement on doors comes from dedicated hours by certified scribes.  They commit to follow fair standards when providing the Holy kosher mezuzah scroll.

From sourcing and production to delivery of the mezuzah with a scroll for the door, we assure high quality services and resources.  Our incredible collection of mezuzah scrolls are handwritten by expert, certified scribes.

Stone Mezuzah keeps their customers' a priority while ensuring that every step is ethical and follows kosher law.  Our certified scribes are trained and skilled in their diligent efforts and valuable working hours.  With rare skill sets, they put in the logic and a high level of expertise.  They create beautifully written mezuzah scrolls for the public's benefit.

Jewish philanthropy says that we are blessed with an excess of everything on this planet.  We should know how to deploy all the resources well and in the best possible manner to improve others' lives.  The kosher mezuzah scroll is a way of improving others' lives physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Jewish scholars, known as sofers, have the ability to keep giving for years without expecting anything in return.  Their hours of effort are a healthy investment as their gifts are to take care of us all.

Essential Values to Becoming a Scribe

Jewish scribes deserve undying gratitude and cultural recognition.  To become a successful sofer, you must:

  • Be religiously observant.
  • Possess good character.
  • Have a huge amount of knowledge about the kosher and the laws concerning sofrut.
  • Have a good calligraphy hand.
  • Be aware of the laws applicable to tefillin, Sifrei Torah and mezuzah.
  • Receive a legal certificate from an international organization.
  • Guarantee quality work.
  • Receive the proper education by a recognized sofrut expert.

Being a certified sofer is a profession that involves seeking blessing from the recipients of the kosher mezuzah scroll. These faithful servants work only to seek the welfare of God's children. 

Everyone Feels Cared For and Valued

Sofers are inspiring the lives of others by involving them in a magnificent cycle of values.  Buyers of mezuzah scrolls feels recognized for their efforts and compensated for their expertise.  In return, our customers receive a beautifully inscribed and well-written mezuzah for a nominal price.  Today, it is a well-known fact that Jews work best, especially when they are taken care of. 

We should never forget faithful scribes who have an incredible amount of expertise to earn their Holy living.  When you place your next order for a kosher mezuzah scroll door ornament, take a moment to thank them for their endless service.  This is the time to embrace Jewish philanthropy and artwork done by our talented pool of scribes!