How to select Mezuzah scroll and Mezuzah scrolls?

How to select Mezuzah scroll and Mezuzah scrolls?

 While the holy mezuzah saves you from evil and dark, the mezuzah cases outside protect the Klaf within it.   With this outer covering, one can maintain the quality of the Klaf for quite a long time. That is why you have to stay extra cautious when selecting the material for this one time investment.

You have already thought about the specific locations where you place the holy mezuzah, away from exposure of outside elements.

Things to take care of in Mezuzah and Mezuzah cases

Now that you have decided, make sure that it does not endure strong, direct sunlight.  Selecting a material that is a poor conductor of heat, such as stone, silver, gold or anything reflecting color, can be a great medium.   The moment you place an order for Mezuzah scrolls for sale online, make sure you start looking for mezuzah cases and select the best material in it.

When selecting colors, make sure you select light tones that can readily absorb heat and are transparent.  It won’t lead to any further damage on the holy Klaf rolled inside.

Remember that moisture from any side can damage the mezuzah Klaf.  Having the mezuzah exposed to high humid areas, rain, condensed environment or even humidity can damage it inside out.  Exposure to high temperature variations, either too hot or too cold, can take away the whole essence of it.

Is aesthetics part of the selection procedure?

Indeed, it is an important part since attractive mezuzah cases for sale online are eye-catching pieces for the home.  Even in Halachic law, the mezuzah case is an adornment for the mezuzah mitzvah.  It enhances the mitzvah, even beyond expectations.  Therefore, when selecting the mezuzah scroll for sale, keep an eye on attractive mezuzah cases that you find pleasing all day long.

How to mount the mezuzah at the doorpost?

The usual method to follow to mount mezuzah cases is with the help of nails and screws.  It offers easy removal and attaching whenever required.

If you happen to have steel doors or any other material that cannot have screws attached, go for attachable mezuzah covers with adhesive solutions.  These are specially designed for mounting mezuzahs without involving the use of screws and nails.

The bottom line

The goal is to protect the mitzvah of mezuzah scroll and not damage it.  There are different types of mezuzah cases for sale online that will help protect the quality in your mezuzah scrolls, and others may damage it.  Avoid getting ones with open-back covers, as it is direct exposure to external elements and moisture.