Basic Rules about a Stone Mezuzah and Placement

Basic Rules about a Stone Mezuzah and Placement

Everyone has their own beliefs and way to express love towards God. Jewish people started showing their love and respect towards God by giving themselves. They wanted God to handle them and thus, there started a whole new level of spiritual and religious power. Today, Jewish people still crave God’s love and authority over them, in which they confide completely. They believe in the power of God and surrendering to that power with all their will. This started ages ago and is still prevalent in Jewish families. They prefer hanging a stone mezuzah on their main doors to make the presence of God visible to everyone, either as it is or with fancy covers, like a silver mezuzah case.

It is believed that if there is nothing visible that relates God, then the powers working against it might get more potent and evil could work against the teachings of God. Having a mezuzah hung on the door will remind you of God’s presence every time you visit your home or your room.

Rules of hanging a mezuzah in the house

  • The mezuzah is hung on the door of the house. It is preferred to attach the mezuzah on every door of the house with a stone or ceramic mezuzah case because a door symbolizes the domain of activity that should have a mezuzah hung on it, according to Jewish beliefs.
  • The mezuzah should always be hung at a tilted angle. This practice has been prevalent for a long time and is believed to be a random decision. When the mezuzah was introduced, people weren’t able to decide about the angle of the mezuzah. Instead of hanging it vertically or horizontally, it was decided to tilt it. The tilt was set according to the side of the room. The upper tilt is always pointed towards the place where the door opens.
  • The mezuzah, once hung on the door, shows the presence of God in the house. It could be said that God is omnipresent and is handling the members of the house as per their will. It is said that from the most ordinary tale to the biggest secret should be known to God instead of only believing in them because of spirituality.

Who can hang the mezuzah on the door?

There is no such rule about who can or cannot hang the mezuzah. Many believed that women could not hang the mezuzah but that was cleared and women can hang the mezuzah for the prosperity of their home and family. Anyone in the family can do the process. When passing through the door, some people touch the mezuzah with their fingers, or kiss their fingers before touching the mezuzah, to show their respect to God instead of doing the whole prayer. This came in with time and is now a modern way of paying respects.