All About Hanging a Mezuzah on the Door Posts in Jewish Homes

All About Hanging a Mezuzah on the Door Posts in Jewish Homes

It is believed that Judaism is a religion more oriented towards holiness of time rather than holiness of place. There are many places and occasions which the Jewish sanctify. One of them is the place of the living, the permanent residence. Every Jewish home is sanctified through a very concrete ritual, i.e. adding a mezuzah. It can be hung on the doorposts of the entrance gates and other gates of the house. Adding a mezuzah is not the finishing touch but a starting point. There are a plethora of Jewish values that you need to follow to be a great human being, from prayers to Jewish laws as commanded. This article will help you learn about adding a mezuzah to a Jewish home.

Origins of the Mezuzah

Mezuzah originated from the bible:“And you shall inscribe them on the doorposts (mezuzot) of our house and on your gates” (Deuteronomy 6:9, 11:20), and hence carries great weight. If the question arises in your mind about what is to be inscribed, the answer is very clear from the divine instruction: “The words that I shall tell you this day: that you shall love your God, believe only in Him, keep His commandments, and pass all of this on to your children."

Thus the mezuzah (klaf) is referred to as the parchment on which the verse of the Torah is inscribed. The mezuzah case is a container or box in which the parchment is enclosed and hung on outdoor or indoor door posts. The indoor and outdoor mezuzah can be different. The mezuzah acts as a reminder that you have a covenant with God and his commandments. It acts as a symbol that this particular household is a Jewish home, operating a special set of rules, rituals and beliefs.

The Mezuzah Scroll

Some of the attendant laws of the mezuzah scroll:

  • The klaf must be handwritten by a kosher who knows the law and is qualified for the same.
  • The mezuzah case has no special requirements. You can buy mezuzah cases for outdoors or indoors from any store.
  • The scroll is rolled up from left to right so when it is opened, the first words appear.
  • The scroll is inserted into the mezuzah case and should be checked twice in seven years to inspect the parchment.
  • If the parchment words are faded or damaged, it must be changed.

The mezuzah scroll inside the case is then hanged to the doorposts of the home according to the holy commandments. Buy beautiful mezuzah cases for outdoors and indoors at The Stone Mezuzah.